Professional Headshots

Working in almost all sectors, Emiel Lops Photography provides professional headshots for multinationals, small business owners and everything in between.
With an inexhaustible passion for the profession,interest in others and the aim to achieve the maximum result, Emiel Lops Photography is a pleasant partner to work with.

Professional headshots on location

Emiel Lops Photography provides professional portrait photography at various locations for various clients. Whether it concerns headshots in your company or any other location.
With the help of a mobile photostudio it is possible to create the right atmosphere under almost all lighting conditions and to create powerful headshots of your employees.

Professional headshots in the (mobile) photostudio

A good headshot is a musthave to make a great first impression at your clients. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies and institutions want to present their employees to their clients by showing professional headshots.
But of course the photos can also be used for other purposes like the signature under the email, the avatar for using skype etc.
With the help of a mobile photostudio, it is possible to convert almost any room into a professional photo studio and we can photograph your employees against any background color you choose.

Of course you are also very welcome in our spacious photo studio near Rotterdam.


We work with excellent equipment and we ensure sufficient back-up equipment for every job. Unfortunately, we also experienced refusing cameras and flashes that failed, but thanks to sufficient back-up equipment, it was no problem to continue the photo shoots with ease.

Click & Pick

For professional headshots, we work according to the “Click & Pick” principle. The headshots are immediately sent to a computer and your employers choose their favorites on the spot.
Not completely satisfied, because the hair is not right? No problem. Since we can view the images immediately, we can make the necessary adjustments and achieve maximum satisfaction.


The selected images are of course professionally post-processed in photoshop. For example, teeth can be whitened, pimples can be eliminated, bags under the eyes can be reduced. The options are virtually endless. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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